The Northern Clinical School Intensive Care Research Unit was established by a team of multi-disciplinary researchers based at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney.

The purpose of the NCS ICRU is to foster and support the conduct of high-quality clinical research projects seeking to improve patient outcomes from critical illness and catastrophic injury.

Latest News & Events

  • Visiting Research Fellow 2017


    This February Matilde Jo Allingstrup, from the Dept of Intensive Care at the Copenhagen University Hospital, started a 5 week Visiting Research Fellowship with the NCS ICRU. Welcome Matilde!

  • NHMRC announces 10 of the Best 2015!

    NHMRC funded RCT

    The NHMRC announced the NCS ICRU 'Nephro-Protective Trial' as as one of the "Ten Australian research grants that led to ground-breaking medical discoveries and important changes to health care ... " and highlighted our trial in their 'Ten of the Best NHMRC Research Projects 2015' publication. Well done to everyone involved!

  • NHMRC funds Early PN in BMT Trial!

    NHMRC funded RCT

    In October 2015, the NHMRC announced $1.1 million in funding to support a multi-centre clinical trial to assess the effects of enhanced nutrition support during bone marrow transplant. The NCS ICRU will conduct this trial in Australia, New Zealand and Italy!

  • Refeeding Syndrome Trial published in Lancet Respiratory Medicine!

    Lancet RM

    "Many health-care professionals, patients, and families might now judge caloric restriction during treatment for refeeding syndrome in critically ill adults preferable to continued standard caloric intake."

  • Philippa Heighes receives scholarship to support her PhD!

    PhD scholarship

    The Beryl & Jack Jacobs Nursing and Midwifery Scholarship is awarded by the Strategic Research Performance & Development Committee of the Kolling Institute and is based on academic merit. It will support her whilst she conducts research towards her PhD. Congratulations Pip!!

  • Fiona Simpson successfully completes her PhD!

    PhD thesis

    Fiona's PhD demonstrates that measures of nutritional status are important predictors of outcome from critical illness! Congratulations Fi!!

  • The Refeeding Syndrome Trial completes recruitment

    Refeeding Syndrome Trial web page

    On 15th Aug 2014, the Refeeding Syndrome Trial completed recruitment. Congratulations and sincere thanks to everyone who contributed towards the success of this important clinical trial!!

  • Excel costing tool released!

    Why invest in nutrition?

    The World Bank suggests that if a country invests in nutrition, it provides more benficial returns than any other infrastructure investment. We have developed an Excel tool to find out if investing in early nutrition in your ICU also returns financial benefits!

  • Anthony Delaney successfully completes his PhD!

    PhD thesis

    Anthony's PhD provides important insights into improving the efficiency of cost-analysis of clinical trails. Congratulations!!

  • Full economic analysis of early EN in critical illness published today!!

    Early EN cost analysis

    Based on the results of a meta-analysis of clinical trials, appropriate early use of enteral nutrition may SAVE US$14,462 per patient (95% confidence interval US$5,464 to US$23,699)!!

  • Full economic analysis of early PN published today!!

    Early PN study tools

    Based on the results of the Early PN Trial, appropriate early use of parenteral nutrition may SAVE US$3,150 per patient (95% confidence interval US$1,314 to US$4,990)!!

  • Early PN Trial published in JAMA

    Early PN study tools

    On 20 May 2013, the Early PN Trial was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Once again, sincere congratulations to all involved!!

  • Early PN study tools published on-line

    Early PN study tools

    Study tools such as the Statistical Analysis Protocol, the Anthropometry Manual and the web-based Harris-Benedict metabolic goal calculator have been published on line.

  • Nephro-Protective Trial completes recruitment

    Nephro-Protective Trial web page

    On 26th Feb 2013, the Nephro-Protective Trial completed recruitment. Congratulations and sincere thanks to everyone who contributed towards the success of this important clinical trial!!

  • Visiting Research Fellow in Health Economics


    In 2013 Dr. Hélène Chevrou-Severac joins our team as a Visiting Research Fellow in Health Economics. She was previously an Assistant Professor of Health Economics at the University of Lausanne and is currently Global Head of Health Economics with Nestle Health Sciences. Welcome aboard Hélène!

  • Claire Bridgman interviews members of the Intensive Care Research Unit

    The ICRU Team

    Claire Bridgman, from the Northern Clinical School, interviewed members of the ICRU to find out what we are all about. Her report can be found in the News section of the Northern Clinical School's main web site.

  • NCS Intensive Care Research Unit receives grant to conduct innovative research to improve outcomes from cardiac surgery!

    North Shore Heart Research Foundation web page

    On December 19th 2011, the NSHRF announced it will support a major cross-discipline project to investigate ways to reduce kidney injury after major cardiac surgery. Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to bring this project to life!!

  • Early PN Trial completes recruitment

    Early PN Trial web page

    On 30th June 2011, the Early PN Trial completed recruitment. Congratulations and sincere thanks to everyone who contributed towards the success of this landmark clinical trial!!