Mission Statement

The NCS ICRU fosters a multi-disciplinary approach towards improving patient outcomes from critical illness and catastrophic injury by supporting the design and conduct of high-quality multi-centre clinical research.


The nucleus of the NCS ICRU was forged in 2003, when Gordon Doig and Fiona Simpson received seed funding from the Northcare Foundation to initiate a project to formally evaluate the effectiveness of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for Nutritional Support in Critical Illness.

The funding for this large scale project (27 hospitals, 1,400 patients) enabled the refinement of sophisticated web technology for the management of large scale projects and the development of standard operating procedures for the management of large quantities of clinical research data.

Today, the NCS ICRU has extensive experience in the conduct of large-scale clinical trials in critical illness. It has recognised expertise in all aspects of clinical trials design, conduct, analysis and research translation.

The results of clinical research projects conducted by the NCS ICRU have been incorporated into clinical practice guidelines around the world.